The 3 Rs

Here comes the cliche- reduce, reuse and recycle

For my class Convergence Editing that I am taking in my third semester of grad school, I have to produce weekly blogs. I chose this topic because it is somewhat doable with my otherwise very busy schedule.

J7806- Blog Post 1

J 7806 Blog 2– Problems of textile waste

J-7806 Blog 3– Fight against plastic pollution

J 7806, Blog 4– More Food To Consume, More Food To Waste

J 7806, Blog 5– Restaurants acting on their own against food waste

J 7806, Blog 6- Get Creative and Be Less Wasteful

J 7806, Blog 7- Get Creative Again, Your Shoes will Like It

J 7806 Blog 8- Touring A Recycling Facility

J7806 Blog 9- Findings from the Recycling Facility

J7806 Blog 10- Animals and Urban Trash

J7806 Blog 11- Once Convenient but Forever Inconvenient

J7806 Blog 12- Make Your Trashcan Lighter

J7806 Blog 13- Too much “safety”

J7806 Blog 14- The nasty E

J7806 Blog 15- Keep It!