Trash Life


We live in a world, where mass consumption creates mass trash. But what happens to the trash? It doesn't suddenly disappear. It may get out of our sight (in developed countries of course), but where does it go? To the landfill or to the recycling centers?

What is the situation of trash in Columbia? Benjamin G. Kreitner, waste minimization coordinator at City of Columbia, says that recycling is still small scale in Columbia. There is no particular stat on recycling specifically for Columbia but it s most likely much less than the national average of  34 percent.

Is putting plastic bottles, aluminium cans and paper in respectable recycling bins enough? What happens to other materials like Styrofoam, food waste and textile? What do people do when their apartments have no separate bins and they have to put everything in dumpsters?

The problem is complex as our current habits are dependent on structures that create waste. But as the landfills keep filling up what are the options we have to contain the sea of trash?