Dark Side of Technology- its grave

E-waste refers to electric products that are no longer useful. Items can include things like old electronics, batteries, wires and cords, and useless machinery. With the rise of consumer electronics and economies becoming more tech-based, more e-waste has been produced. However, what makes the case much worse is the lack of repair facilities in developed nations and unsafe recycling in developing countries. 

However, many a times, e-waste from developed or rich countries are sent to poorer countries where they are disassembled in the most haphazard manner. Cords and machines are burnt to extract out the required part.

Cities at local level in US have strict regulations regarding dumping of e-waste. E-waste can't be thrown in dumpsters but have special drop-off locations or collection drives. Even within e-waste, there are many varieties. TV and computer screens are not suitable for landfills because of lead. Some e-waste products disposal, a fee is also required. Goodwill also accepts certain kinds of electronic items, even the ones that don't work.

Universities have also started participating in e-waste collection drives. University of Missouri just had one.