Women Prison in Karachi, Pakistan
Women Prison in Karachi, Pakistan
Reported on the prison in 2012
Women Prison in Karachi, Pakistan
Women Prison in Karachi, Pakistan
This was a learning place for children of inmates. Reported on prison in 2012
Karachi's Urbanisation
Karachi's Urbanisation
Reported on the development of city and how it is different from construction.
South Africa's Apartheid
South Africa's Apartheid
This sign now hangs in a museum but once was displayed and implemented publicly
District 6 Museum, Cape Town
District 6 Museum, Cape Town
During Apartheid, the neighborhood of District 6 was declared 'white-only', which resulted in 60,000 people being forced to leave the area.

I don't want to be a traditional journalist and work for a news organization. I want to work for non-profits, development and research organizations to create promotional stuff for them along with making academic findings presented in a journalistic way  and thus easy to understand for the audiences. 

I am also looking to work on projects on my own which includes studying and presenting the crime of rape across  globe, working on folk lore of the native american community, and producing journalistic content for children in refugee camps or conflict and poverty stricken societies.


  Languages :

  •   Urdu- Mother tongue,
  •   English- Fluent
  •   Hindi- Conversational
  •   Arabic- Beginner's level 


University of Missouri Columbia, MO
MA, Journalism, May 2017
University of London International Programs Karachi, Pakistan
BSc in Development and Economics,2011
Oct. 16–Dec. 16 Global Journalist
Visual Editor
June. 16-Aug. 16 Missouri Business Alert
Aug.15- May. 17 McDougall Center of Photojournalism
Research Assistant 
Aug. 15- Dec. 15 Columbia Missourian
Reporter, Enterprise Beat
June-July. 13 Heritage Foundation (Pakistan)
Summer coordinator for the rehabilitation project
Feb. 12- June. 12 The News International, You! Magazine (Pakistan)

June- July. 10 Citizens Archive of Pakistan (Pakistan)
8 weeks of internship, researching for their Oral History Project

Contact me for requesting for a copy of my resume.