Some DIY ideas for you all.

There are so many pages on Facebook giving ideas of recycling and reusing things. Some of them also involve up cycling things using more materials. Well, your truly isn’t a home decor expert and neither is very crafty but I can give some ideas of little fun activities that you can do by yourselves, with little kids or with friends.


Pringles box gets a new life.

While pringles chips have been there around, the utility of their boxes might not have been known. Though some Facebook tutorials advised to reuse them in the kitchen for food storage. I agree with that but  if you want some color and fun then follow the instructions.


Things you need:

  1. Old spools of thread
  2. Pringles boxes
  3. Flowers and/or other crafts. (The flowers are also made by reusing fabric)
  4. Glue stick

What to do:

Just take the thread and start rolling it around the box. Do it while watching television or sitting in a bus. Once the entire box is wrapped, just glue the loose end of thread.

After that just glue the crafts you want to and the box is ready to be used as a decoration.

2. Paper bag of an invitation card gets a new life too!

So I received a wedding invitation in this bland paper bag. The neutral color worked for the wedding invite but why throw it away when you can use it to gift a small item? Again, you are free to do this activity by yourself or with other people.


Simply take a paint brush and start painting on the all the body of the bag. Just fold a textile piece into a ribbon and yippee, you have a gift bag. And hopefully you will also find a gift to give in it to someone.

These activities are good for kids because it makes them creative and it also encourages them to reuse and recycle.

Enjoy the activities.