The big DSLR can be intimidating. But once you get used to it, it isn’t that bad. Here are some stories that I have produced with a DSLR or a small video camera.

In Between Cultures, I reported on Haseena Banu, an exchange student from India. She came to America for a year. She was really nervous but then adjusted well. Now she was scared to go back to India.

Anupama Pillai works for Missouri State but every Saturday, she teaches Indian Diaspora kids the classical Indian dance of Bharatnatyam.


Mohammed Ismail was a visiting scholar at Mizzou for Spring 2016 semester. He is from Nigeria. Men in his family don’t cook but he loves to cook. Recorded on cell-phone.


Is Adams Wall of Books Columbia’s best kept secret? It is a small bookstore passed through 2 generations. In times when bookstores feel the pinch of technology and changing reading habits, Adams bookstores continues to survive.


Mizzou celebrates Hanukkah at Student center. Shot with cell-phone and edited within android apps.


Using Camtasia, I interviewed photojournalist Eric Seals and edited the interview with stories he reported on.